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This legendary mountain gave its name to the northeastern region of the Delphic land. The region of the Parnassos National Park, the largest ski center in Greece, the fir-covered slopes and the legends of Pan, the region of Polydrosso with the Kifissos springs, the grape vines and its internationally-renowned paths, the warm village of Eptalofos (Agoriani) and its waterfalls, the unfathomable flora of a unique ecosystem.

Today Arachova is built on the rung of a ridge that descends from the peaks of Mountain Parnassos in the valley of Pleistos. It is a passage for Delphi and ski slopes of Parnassos.
The stone village houses with steamy chimneys squeezed through the narrow uphill streets and the whole village seems to hang on the slopes of the mountain, you landscape that borders on teleiotitas.Tous winter months Parnassus often shrouded in mist and then lights Arachova shine more intensely in silver light and the image of the village is fabulous!
Ski center Parnassos is one of the most popular ski centers operating in Greece and every year attracts thousands of visitors who choose winter sports activities in mountain and organized facilities.
In a relatively short distance from Athens is after two hours of this and surrounding areas for Delphi dash, Itea, Galaxidi.
Starting from Delphi will pass through, historical Delphi and passing through the impressive grove of Amfissa, the visitor will reach the seaside Itea, which is famous as a tourist destination and has many beauties and organized beaches. Following the coastline, a few kilometers further, you will find Galaxidi. This historic placenbretains its colorful mansions, narrow alleys, the inability to good fish and seafood and quiet spring evening walks.
From then until shortly before Naupactus, the road follows the coast curves and reveals picturesque seaside towns on one hand and traditional mountain villages with spectacular views on the other. Important milestone, the only inhabited island in the Corinthian Gulf, Trizonia.
Access with buses by KTEL Fokidas,  see winter and summer itineraries here
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 Ski Center of Parnassos has 19 ski runs, 7 ski routes, 10 trails and three mini beginner runs, total length 36km. The length of runs starts from 50m to 4km for beginners, average and good skiers. For adventure lovers, there are 12 black country runs with really deep snow and lots of adrenaline. The Center features high safety facilities and equipment and is well operated.

Parnassos Ski Center is very popular for skiers, as it is located near Athens, Lamia and Patra and its facilities can serve a great number of visitors and skiers. There are two cafes-chalets and a restaurant in the Center, ski and snowboard schools, special stores for ski and snowboard equipment rental and a playground for our younger visitors. This year, a new store for ski and snowboard equipment maintenance has started its operation in Kelaria 1750, with the most high-tech equipment.

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